четвер, 9 серпня 2018 р.

#SaveOlegSentsov Write a letter to Putin!

Yesterday Oleg Sentsov's sister received a letter from him. Oleg almost does not get up. He writes that the end is near and it's not about liberation.
The Secretary General of the Council of Europe personally asked to release Oleg Sentsov. Later Oleg's mother wrote to Putin. These appeals are still unanswered. Let's strengthen this appeal!
We do not know how much time we have. The possibilities of the organism are not limited. But we know for sure that we cannot simply watch the life drain out of him.
The decision to pardon is one of the last opportunities to save Oleg's life. Therefore, such letters should be as many as possible. Let's join our efforts! Together till the end!
Write a letter to Putin!
Link to the text: clc.to/qYB6XQ
Please, immediately duplicate the letter by e-mail:
NOTA BENE! If you have acquaintances in Russia, ask them to send this appeal.

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